Super 8 and Digital Filmaking!

YES! Super 8 is alive and well, as Kodak will unveil it’s brand new camera late this fall. Will this camera be a HUGE hit or is this as some have suggested, a red herring to see how much interest is in the format?…..

I’ve done some digging and seems a business in Denmark, yes Denmark is manufacturing the cams for Kodak. I suspected that, as I believe Kodak never did make a good camera OR projector. Best SUPER 8–NOT 16mm–projectors made were USA’s (Before sold to Japan’s Eiki)┬áBell and Howell, Elmo and Eumig of Austria.) ┬áBest 16mm projectors ever made were the USA’s B&H 2592 and the B&H/EIKI JAPANESE manufactured 3580 and 3592 series after Eiki bought them out.

Although super 8 film is used by professionals like us, the format cannot sell again. Due to greed., plain and simple. That camera might sell to many more people, many more IF Kodak dropped the proce of film, processing & scan to $20 or maybe $25 bucks. NO ONE WILL PAY $50.00 AS KODAK PLANS FOR 2.5 OR 3.5 MINUTES OF FILM FOR THAT PRICE! This is the kind of thinking that put Kodak in Chapter 11 not long ago. Kodak has manipulated available super 8 stocks, reducing Tri-x b&w film as the only reversal. That’s because they are dreaming of making wads of money processing your $50.00 film packages! What is the CEO dreaming about? To make a good apple pie, you have to put in the proper ingredients. That is, quality at an unbeatable price. They DO sort of corner the market on with super 8 and have the ability to drop the processing and film costs. But no. That will cost them.

Do look for Kodak pink slippers, infomercials for Kodak food slicers etc. Because in my opinion, Kodak is still arrogant and unwilling to bend a little. It’s all about just profits while short on artistic concepts. This time they cannot file for bankruptcy and must be dissolved as a company. Also, look for Kodak sun hats made in the Philippines. Infomercial at 11.

Let’s here from YOU the GDM CREW!…………..

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